Good Places for a first date

May 15, 2009 at 7:21 am (Dating) (, , , )

Following are the cream of the first-date-ideas crop:

Museums: At a museum, you get to meander through the halls, look at exhibits and chat about anything that inspires you. It’s a great place to get to know each other and to see each other’s tastes in art-or whatever. Also, most museums are usually easy to get to and offer a place to eat(even if overpriced for what you’re getting, they won’t break the bank). A museum is relaxed, easy, and inexpensive and doesn’t bump into any of the ten rules for first dates.

Amusement Park
: Unless it’s really hard to get to, going to an Amusement park is usually fun and makes everybody feel young and carefree. The only real problem? Sticky fingers from cotton candy and rides that make you so gueasy you’d give up your first bornfor a antacid tablet, but all in all a good choice.

Walks: You can take walks(almost) anywhere: parks, zoos, botanical gardens, and so on. It’s cheap, fun, and pressure-free. Plus , you can often hold hands.

Outdoor activities in general
: Sporting events, concerts, and picnics, and great places for first dates. You can talk, and being outside, every-thing feels less claustrophobic. It’s easy and relaxed and clothing usually isn’t a problem.



  1. Dating Rule #4 – Go where you can talk without getting thrown out « 100% Free Dating Sites said,

    […] to shush you or talking with you and getting the usher to evict you both.  See the section “Good places for a first date” for a list of places that are cheap and fun and where you two can chat happily away. When it […]

  2. beautiful Russian brides - Marina said,

    Museums, ok, I can agree, although it can get quite boring, but at least it is quiet and you can talk and get to know each other. Walks, yes. But amusement parks for a first date? You don’t even know each other, what if you don’t enjoy each other’s company? But want to enjoy the rides? I don’t know… I think meeting over coffee is the best for the first date.

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